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Trophy Taker’s New Arrow Rest is a Reliable Resource for Turkey Hunters

Trophy Taker’s New Arrow Rest is a Reliable Resource for Turkey Hunters


Covington, GA –Turkey hunters excited to cross paths with strutting gobblers this spring can take a solid shot with the first-ever SmackDown LockUp Rest.

“When it comes to drawing back on a huge tom, timing is everything,” said Chuck Paddock, host of Open Season TV on the Pursuit Channel. “I love the SmackDown LockUp Rest because it ensures that the arrow will be ready at all times. It has smooth mechanics and a secure mounting system to make sure that the arrow goes exactly where you need it to go when you need it to go. The feathers will definitely fall.”

The Trophy Taker™ SD LockUp is a limb-driven, lock-up, fall-away rest with integrated roller bearings for smooth mechanics. It features a durable design of precision-machined aircraft-grade aluminum alloy with stainless steel hardened components to make for a reliable rest that won’t fail, season after season. For ultimate sturdiness, the innovative three-point mounting system provides two contact points on the mounting bracket.

The SD LockUp provides full containment and is extremely adjustable. Bow users can increase the windage block adjustments by .25” to accommodate 1” riser designs. A full over-molded containment ring has a built-in sound dampening system for a stealthy shot.

Trophy Taker backs up the SD LockUp Rest with an unconditional lifetime warranty. For more information on Trophy Taker,

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