About Us

I grew up in a family that did not hunt, yet somehow I developed a passion for target archery and archery elk hunting at a very young age.  My obsession with becoming a better shot and better elk hunter led me to design the very first Trophy Taker arrow rest in the winter of 1997.  In spite of early resistance, that design sparked the current flood of fall-away rests on the market today. 

The business side of Trophy Taker developed when interest in my “new-fangled” arrow rest grew at archery shoots I was attending.  This prompted me to see if the rest would be marketable.  In the year 2000, Trophy Taker became my full-time job, and allowed me to pursue my passions even further.

As you review our site, you will see that the new Option sight and Quivalizer designs are definitely “out of the box” much like my original fall-away was.  However, I truly believe that they align with our goal of “Bringing Target Precision to Hunting Camp.”  I spent two years perfecting the design on the OPTION sight, and I think you will find that this totally new concept offers the best of both worlds in fixed and moveable pin sights.  The QUIVALIZER concept was born out of my constant search for an ultra-light, perfectly balanced hunting bow that aims like a target bow for ultimate accuracy in the field.

As we move into the future, we want to remain accessible to our customers.  I will continue to make the product design process interactive through social media and Trophy Taker will remain committed to top notch customer service.  We will also remain committed to designs worthy of our Lifetime Warranty that fix problems and increase effectiveness in the field.

Happy Hunting!