Brian Rusher

Trophy Taker Pro Staff Brian Rusher


Brian Rusher is from Newberry, Indiana and has 2 children. Brian competes in the Pro class and has several state titles to his name and is a 4-time National Champion! He has harvested several animals with a bow. Brian's archery sponsors include: Trophy Taker, Mathews Archery, Doinker, Zebra Bowstrings, Invisible Hunter, Copper John, Gold Tip, and Bohning Vanes.

"As a young boy, my Dad got me started in the outdoors early on. Ever since I was old enough to walk, he's had me right there with him in the woods. I'm often reminded of stories from people who saw me walking through a pasture carrying my little toy gun. To say that I've grown up in the outdoors is an understatement - it is all I've ever known. Throughout my younger years, Dad would take me out and show me what to look for and how to find it. Thanks to him, I've been able to be successful in taking game from rabbits to bear!"

"I've been fortunate during my hunting career. Growing up in Southern Indiana, I've been able to take 13 bucks between 120 - 150 inches, most of which were harvested with a bow. I've also been able to kill several turkeys with my archery tackle. One of my most memorable trophies is a black bear that I shot in Ontario in the fall of 2003. It was an awesome experience for me, although I wish my Dad had taken one instead of me! It was his lifelong dream to kill a bear, but to him, he got more pleasure out of me getting one!"

"My Dad, an accomplished archer, had me out in the yard shooting my bow from a young age. I drew back from archery as I got into baseball and other activities, but at age 16 I started going to shoots on my own. When I started out, I wasn't the best shot out there by far! With a lot of hard work, good advice, and a lot of luck at that time, I have become an accomplished archer. To date, I have several state titles and actually set the state record in a couple of those shoots. I have won four national titles in 3D archery and look to continue my success."

"In 2011, I turned Pro. Each year I get a little better and continue to move up the leaderboard. I have several people in my life that help attribute to my many archery accomplishments. It is as much their accomplishment as it is mine, and to them I am truly thankful!"

"This has all brought me close to several great people that I am glad to call my friends! One of the most rewarding things I have been a part of so far is Ray Howell's Kicking Bear in Southern Indiana. We held our first shoot seven years ago and I became a mentor in the program. I am now the Vice President for our chapter of this program. The Kicking Bear program is designed to introduce children of all ages to the outdoors and archery, and we have grown to over 470 children in the program. You'll never have a more rewarding feeling than helping young children shoot their first arrows and become hooked on the sport! We have had a few of the kids return to shoots there, and it is awesome!"

"I'm blessed to have participated in and accomplished the things I have, and I thank the good Lord for it! I look forward to passing on the outdoor traditions to my own son and daughter that my Dad did to me. To all my family, friends, sponsors, and especially Dad for getting me started - Thank You! I'm glad to be a part of the future of archery and hunting!"