Brian Smith

Trophy Taker Pro Staff Brian Smith


I began hunting when I was 12 years old, learning the benefits, values, and rewards from my father. I soon became interested in hunting and conservation of big and small game, waterfowl, upland game birds, and fish. I started shooting archery in 1992, winning 3D tournaments by 1993. I have been participating and placing well in 3D shoots since then. In 2013, I won the Redding Western Classic Trail Shoot in Bowhunter Freestyle, won the Bear Shoot in Montana, and placed 4th at the NFAA Marked 3D Nationals in Men's Bowhunter Freestyle.

I am currently on the Trophy Taker Pro Staff and have been since 2009. I have been shooting Trophy Taker rests exclusively since 2002. I truly believe they are the best and strongest rests in production today, and they have enabled me to win numerous state championships! I am also on the Carbon Express Pro Staff and am a member of the NFAA, Montana Archery Association, Montana Bowhunters Association, NRA Life Member, North American Hunting Club Life Member, and North American Fishing Club Life Member.

I enjoy introducing, mentoring, and encouraging others to enjoy archery. I am always willing to help anyone having challenges with form or equipment. I have introduced parents, siblings, and friends to archery, and many of them still enjoy archery and bowhunting today. I continue to encourage and mentor my daughter, Brianne, who has won 15 State and two National Championships!

I prefer archery hunting to rifle hunting. I encourage people who have thought of hunting with a bow to try it, often inviting them to come along on hunts. I have taken approximately 40 big game animals with a bow, the majority being deer, bear, and elk. I believe any animal taken with a bow under fair chase conditions is considered a trophy, regardless of score.