Brianne Smith

Trophy Taker Pro Staff Brianne Smith


My dad started teaching me archery when I was two years old. I was only three when I shot my first archery shoot. I had a long bow first and then I had a compound. When I was comfortable with my compound, my dad started me with a sight. I was shooting a compound bow with sighs and a release by age five.

Shooting tournaments with my dad has taught me to be focused on my shooting, listen to helpful hints, and be respectful when others are shooting. Over the years, several people have told me to keep shooting and they are impressed with my skills. Most of them are happy to shoot with me because I can be quiet, I listen, and I have good sportsmanship. Shooting has also taught me patience. My dad taught me to just do my best and focus on the next target.

I have won 15 State Championships and two National Championships. Here are my stats so far in 2013:
- 1st place - NFAA Montana State Indoor, Cub Girls Freestyle
- 1st place - Western Classic Trail Shoot (Redding), Cub Girls Freestyle
- 1st place - NFAA Marked 3D Nationals, Cub Girls Freestyle
- 1st place - NFAA Indoor Northwest Sectional Championship
- 1st place - Bear Shoot

I shot my first 300 on an NFAA 5-spot target in February of 2012. I also got my first "Robin Hood" in 2012 at the Montana State Bowhunter Championships. I am participating in archery in 4-H, and in the winter of 2012, I participated in the Montana State 4-H Postal Tournament which ran for 8 weeks. We shot Vegas 3-spot targets and I was the 10-and-Under Champion.

I am currently on the Trophy Taker Pro Staff and have been since 2011. I am a current member of the NFAA, Montana Archery Association, Inc, Montana Bowhunters Association, 4-H (Archery), and Girl Scouts.

I began hunting when I was 9, after passing my Hunter Safety class in Washington state. I don't pull enough pounds to bowhunt yet, so I hunt with my .243 rifle and 20-gauge shotgun. In 2010, I shot my first deer and turkey. In 2011, I shot a spring and a fall turkey and a deer. In 2012, I shot 2 spring turkeys. It was pretty exciting! My dad is happy that I have patience and can sit still for a long time while we hunt deer and turkey together. I am glad my dad taught me how to shoot. We have lots of fun, and we get to spend time together!