Bubba Powers

Trophy Taker Pro Staff Bubba Powers


Hi! My name is Bubba Powers. I currently live in Orofino, Idaho. I started shooting a bow when I was about 3 - that's what I'm told by my Dad. People used to get a kick out of watching me shoot at such a young age, because I could hit the hay bale at 20 yards. I won my first NFAA State shoot when I was 11 with a recurve and bare bow. Over the next 8 years, I won 16 consecutive Idaho state shoots, if you count the NFAA and the ISB (Idaho State Bowhunters) as separate organizations, and one Northwest Sectional. I also won two Mississippi State Championships while I lived there. I beat my Dad for the first time when I was 14 in the American round in Lewiston, Idaho.

In those days, neither the IBO nor any of the other organizations were formed yet. At 19, I moved into the Men's Division and the transition was tough. My goal in those days was to win a NFAA National Championship. I struggled with it for about four or five years, with a disappointing bow failure preventing me from actually winning the '88 World Championships in Darrington, WA. Up until then my highest finish was 5th in any shoot that carried a major title.

In the early to mid 80's, with the encouragement of my Dad (who by that time had already won a couple of major titles in the IBO), I began shooting the Unknown-Distance Circuit. Still In search of a major title in the Men's Division, I can remember thinking when I started how wild it was that these guys were hitting a 5 1/2 inch circle out to 60 yards (now the max is 50) and didn't know how far it was either. So I was in for the challenge.

By 1990, I was a major contender and in '91 I tied my Dad for the coveted IBO National Championship only to lose in the shoot off! (I think even to this very day, it was the only father-son tie for the National Championship the IBO has recorded.) I remained in the top five in the IBO on a national level until '98. I won the World Championship in '92 and also won the Western Triple Crown for seven consecutive years. As an individual shooter, even though I was close a lot and didn't win all the time, I felt I was a consistent shooter rather than a hot or cold one.

As a team, I shot a mixed team in the Western Triple Crown, consisting of Joe Shoemaker and Stevie Stevenson, and as a team we won four consecutive years. I competed on the High Country team and the Clearwater Team in the IBO National Triple Crown, finishing 2nd and 3rd for a couple of years. The Clearwater Manufacturers Team, consisting of my dad (Dave Powers), my brother (Dusty Powers) and myself, won the Western Triple Crown for two consecutive years which had never been done as a family team before or since.

I had appeared in Archery World Magazine on several occasions during this time and made a video called "Secrets of 3D Archery" with my dad in '94. From 1990 to 1996, I was part of Clearwater Archery. We not only manufactured bows but we also competed with them. The bow I won the World Championship with I made myself, which was a neat experience!

I've also had a lot of success hunting with a bow, killing my first elk when I was 14. It is by far my most driven passion. Outside of competition, there's nothing like a SCREAMIN' BULL at 10 yards! No big bull pictures, though. I'm a meat hunter and I just can't stand letting a T-Bone walk by, LOL. I also killed the Idaho State record non-typical whitetail in '83 that scored 257 and was in the Bass Pro Shops "King of Bucks" Program, which I think has aired on national television in '08. I shoot Trophy Taker products only and have since the company's beginning. I feel that Dan Evans makes the best arrow rests and sights on the market today, bar none. I would recommend Trophy Taker products to anyone wanting to get into archery or anyone having trouble with their current equipment.

I am the proud father of 4 children - 3 boys and 1 girl. All of my boys have won Western Triple Crowns. The youngest is my 13 year old, who won in '08 for the first time.

I am a recent graduate of North Idaho College with an Associate's Degree in Computer-Aided Design (CAD), Class of 2011. I currently work for Nightforce Optics in Orofino, Idaho.

I have really enjoyed my time in the archery world! It has been good to me and has taught me a lot about life, and I hope at my age I still have a lot left to enjoy and pass on. Teaching the younger generation archery is exciting and very rewarding. Outside of my own kids, I have coached three State and one National Champion. Kids with bows, it's our future and a lot of fun!

Dream Big,

Bubba Powers