Dennis Howell

Trophy Taker Pro Staff Dennis Howell


Dennis Howell is one of the most accomplished bowhunters out of Colorado. He is a diehard DIY guy and has never been on a guided hunt! Dennis has taken over 40 animals that will make the P&Y book. He has completed the Colorado Big 8 and the Big 9. He is only the sixth man to have ever completed the Big 8 twice with a bow and is only one animal away from his 2nd Big 9 - drawing tags is all that is holding him back! Dennis also has 26 archery elk under his belt. He has been bowhunting for over 30 years!

Dennis is an elk-calling champion and instructs bowhunting and game-calling seminars all over the country. He has been featured in just about every archery magazine out there and is still getting it done at the senior time in his life! Dennis has served as Director for the Colorado Bowhunters Association for many years and now is the Director for the SW Becoming a Bowhunter program. Dennis is all about giving back to bowhunting and teaching people how to become a bowhunter is one of his passions.

About his equipment, Dennis says this: "I have been using Trophy Taker Shuttle T's for years and I have never ever had one break. They fly like darts and are super sharp with effects that put trophies on my wall!"