Frank Noska

Trophy Taker Pro Staff Frank Noska


Frank has been bowhunting with a passion for 30+ years. His life has revolved around bowhunting ever since he started flinging arrows when he was 16 years old in Texas.

He was born in Garland, TX and learned how to bowhunt in the Lone Star State, giving the whitetail deer, turkey and javelina a "difficult time." As he got older, he started venturing out West and learned how to outsmart elk, pronghorn, mule deer, Shiras moose, and other animals. He continued to broaden his bowhunting horizons and targeted different species of North American big game every chance he got. When he had the chance to move to Alaska, he never looked back! He moved to Alaska 13+ years ago, precisely for the increased opportunity of more adventurous bowhunting.

He participates in several bow hunts every year in Alaska, Mexico, and the lower 48. This is where he puts Trophy Taker products to the test, and he’s never been disappointed! This past February, he arrowed his 96th Pope & Young animal here in his home state of Alaska. In 2008, he completed the Archery Super Slam of North American Big Game animals and also the Archery Grand Slam of Sheep. He is an official measurer for both the Boone & Crockett Club and the Pope & Young Club. He is a life member of the NRA, SCI, Grand Slam Club/Ovis, Wild Sheep Foundation, and the Alaska Bowhunters Association.

He has been blessed with good health, great friends and family, an understanding and supportive girlfriend, a great job, and lots of good luck! When he is not in the outdoors on some wild bow hunting adventure, he is an airline pilot for United Parcel Service, flying the world to pay for his adventures!