Mark Seacat

Trophy Taker Pro Staff Mark Seacat


Hailing from Bozeman, Montana, a mecca for western big game hunting, Mark spends over 100 days a year pursuing wild animals in rugged country. As a professional photographer, Mark captures the experience of expedition hunts for sheep, moose and caribou, while stepping out from behind the lens to harvest tremendous animals of his own.

Before turning his full attention to hunting, Mark spent years living out of cars and tents as a climber chasing storied summits, steep icefalls and classic big wall lines around the world. His nomadic existence gave him something like a guiding principle: process, exertion, and personal experience mean more to him than accomplishments. That way of thinking has been bleeding from the edges of his photos ever since. In fact, Mark's authentic, experiential images are largely responsible for the hunting industry's slow repentance from years of staged photos and contrived expressions of machismo.

Mark hunts now like he climbed then. On his last ascent of Denali, he didn't take the well-trod West Buttress with its better odds at the summit. He took the Cassin Ridge - a strikingly aesthetic, technically difficult line that flirted with the threshold of his abilities.

From backcountry missions in his home state of Montana, to the wilds of Alaska and Canada, Mark Seacat commits himself to hunting big country and regularly pushing the brink of his personal limits.