Paul Atkins

Trophy Taker Pro Staff Paul Atkins


Paul D. Atkins is an outdoor writer from Kotzebue, Alaska. He was born and raised on a farm in Northeastern Oklahoma before moving to Alaska in the spring of 1999. Through his father's guidance, Paul began hunting at an early age, taking his first whitetail when he was 9. From there it was non-stop. After earning degrees from both Oklahoma State and later the University of Alaska, Paul took a job teaching in the Midwest. During this time, Paul buried himself in bowhunting and competition archery, traveling across the country to do both. It was at this time he began to write. He published his first article on whitetails in the fall of 1993.

Wanting more, Paul decided to move to Alaska to pursue the big game animals of the far north and expand on his adventures in writing. Paul has taken all but one species in Alaska and most in North America. He currently needs eight animals to complete the North American Super Slam. Paul also travels abroad to hunt, including Africa as one of his favorite places to pursue dangerous game with a bow.

Paul has had over 100 articles published on big game with most of his work being seen in "BowHunter,” "BowHunting World,” "Bow and Arrow Magazine,” "Peterson's,” "Outdoor Life,” "Trophy Hunter,” "Eastman's", "Universal Hunter" and the "African Hunting Gazette," just to name a few. He also serves as one of the contributing editors for "Hunt Alaska" magazine. In addition, Paul will be jumping into the filming business this fall.

"Archery, and bowhunting in particular, have always been my passion. I've been so fortunate to do the things I've done, but to be successful at it takes a great many things to happen. Everything from finding where the big boys live, to finding the right outfitter, to choosing the gear in your hand or strapped to your back, it must be carefully chosen and planned accordingly in order for success to happen. The support I get from great companies like Trophy Taker has made all the difference in that success."

Paul is currently on the Pro Staff for Trophy Taker, BowTech Archery, Gold Tip, Steel Force, Kifaru, and Caribou Gear.