Phillip Johnson

Trophy Taker Pro Staff Phillip Johnson


I'm 26 years old, was born in Minnesota and have lived in South Dakota for seven years. I love to hunt and fish. I have been hunting since I was 4 years old. I started bow hunting when I was 14 and my passion for archery has grown into my business. I have 10 years of archery experience and have been running Glacial Lakes Archery for five years. My bow hunting experiences have led me from black bears and whitetails in Minnesota to antelope and mule deer on the prairies of western South Dakota.

In 2010, I began my target archery career. Target archery has become a real passion outside of hunting. It has led me to start building my own products and gain a competitive edge by knowing that I create my own outcomes with the products that I construct. I have been very competitive in local and regional tournaments in the past few years with many second, third, and fourth place finishes.





Career Accomplishments:

- 2011 MSAA Regional Indoor 5th Place MBHFS
- 2011 MSAA State Indoor 6th Place MBHFS
- 2012 MSAA Regional Indoor 4th Place MBHFS
- 2012 MSAA State Indoor 10th Place MBHFS
- 2013 MSAA State Indoor 5th Place MFS
- 2013 MSAA FITA Round 3rd Place MFS
- 2013 SDAA State 3D 4th Place MFS
- 2014 MSAA Regional 13th Place MFS
- 2014 Midwest Sectionals Indoor 300 8th Place MFS
- 2014 SDAA State Indoor 300 5th Place MFS
- 2014 MSAA State Indoor 300 2nd Place MFS
- 2014 MSAA State FITA Round 1st Place MFS
- 2014 MSAA State 900 Round 1st Place MFS
- 2014 SDAA State 3D 2nd Place MFS
- 2014 MSAA State 3D 13th Place MFS
- 2014 NFAA Outdoor National Target Championships 3rd Place MFS
- 2015 NFAA Midwest Sectionals
- 2015 SDAA State Indoor 300 6th Place MFS
- 2015 NISHU Classic/Open 4th Place MFS
- 2015 NFAA Dakota Classic 15th Place MFS
- 2015 MAA State Outdoor Championships 1st Place MFS
- 2015 MAA/Voyagers Cup 3rd Place MFS