Ryan Eaves

Trophy Taker Pro Staff Ryan Eaves


Oklahoma native Ryan Eaves began hunting at the age of 9 and now, at 33, has had the privilege of hunting from Alaska to Old Mexico, and from California to Newfoundland. With a passion for truly wild places and the animals that call them home, Ryan has trekked throughout North America pursuing his bowhunting goals.

Growing up on a cattle ranch in southeast Oklahoma, the bowhunting bug was instilled in Ryan at a young age by a father who pursued elk and whitetails with a passion. While those animals still constitute a large portion of Ryan's fall hunting seasons, the amazing diversity of game found in North America has led Ryan on adventures for more than a dozen different varieties of game, with more in the coming years.

"Whether the hunt be in the Back 40 after whitetails or in the far reaches of the North for more exotic game, one thing remains certain: Trophy Taker products will be there when the moment of truth arrives!"