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5 Color Camo Wheel Facepaint

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The Trophy Taker 5 Color Camo Wheel fits easily into your pocket! The odorless, non-oily formula won’t sweat off.  Easy to remove with a moist towel.  It is safe for sensitive skin.  The cap design prevents paint from drying out. Formula uses FDA and EU approved colorants.  Blend the colors for an unlimited assortment of shades.  You can use it as a year round product: spring or fall, turkey or deer.

  • 5 Colors - Black, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Brown, Green
  • Up to 70% more face paint than competing brands
  • Easy to remove from skin, no residue left behind
  • Hypoallergenic, even for sensitive skin
  • FDA and EU colorant approvals
  • Odorless in less than a minute of application
  • Size: .5 Ounces