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Shuttle T-LOK Maverick - 100 Grain

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The NEW Shuttle T-LOK Maverick™ by Trophy Taker was inspired by the reliable and durable performance from the original Shuttle T-LOK, but with an additional blade and overall bigger cutting surface. The Trophy Taker Shuttle T-LOK Maverick™ is made of 100% heat-treated stainless steel providing maximum durability, especially when impacting bone and other solid surfaces. Integrated with the Patented “T” shaped connection and design ensures reliable and accurate performance between the blades and ferrule even when shot into solid bone, concrete, and metal. The 1 3/16” cutting diameter and overall 3+” cutting surface makes the Shuttle T-LOK Maverick™ a devastating and lethal choice.

  • 100 Grain—1 3/16 ” Cutting Diameter, 3 1/8 ” Cutting Surface
  • 4 Blade Fixed Broadhead - 3 Per Pack
  • Patented T-Shaped connection keeps blades from separating even when shot into solid bone, concrete, and metal.
  • 100% Heat-Treated Stainless-Steel construction for increased durability.
  • Superior accuracy and reliable performance.