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Trophy Taker Introduces New Xtreme Pro, Smackdown Pro Micro-Adjustable Arrow Rests and Pro-Grade Accessories

Trophy Taker Introduces New Xtreme Pro, Smackdown Pro Micro-Adjustable Arrow Rests and Pro-Grade Accessories


COVINGTON, Georgia (January 5, 2017) Trophy Taker has been the leader in extremely durable, silent arrow rests designed to withstand the rigors of hardcore hunters and competitors and the bar is raised for 2017 with new micro-adjustable rests to fine-tune your setup. The cable-driven X-treme Pro Click and limb-driven Smackdown Pro Click enable shooters to achieve perfect arrow alignment with 2.5 millimeter adjustment increments in both horizontal and vertical planes.

“The X-treme Pro and Smackdown Pro are highly regarded for their durable and precision build. sound dampening and their ability to perform when it counts under any condition,” says Sam Coalson, industry veteran and Director of Sales for Arcus Hunting. “The ability to tune these rests to this degree is a feat of engineering that will reward both hunters and competitors.” The X-Treme Pro Click will be available in Spring 2017 in Black for $179.99 MSRP and $189.99 for Red, both with left-handed and right-handed configurations. The Smackdown Pro Click will be available February 1 in Black for $179.99 MSRP and in Spring 2017 at $189.99 MSRP in Red, Carbon, Kryptek Typhon, Kryptek Highlander, and Realtree Xtra finishes, all in left-handed or right-handed configurations.

Continuing the quality and construction Trophy Taker is known for, the brand is introducing the Buzzkiller Pro stabilizer featuring six inches of scientifically designed honeycomb chambering for the ultimate in sound and vibration dampening. Removeable 1-ounce counterweights underneath a soft-molded vibration dispersing end cap plus adjustable silicone dampeners that plug into harmonic apertures enable a custom setup. The Buzzkiller Pro is machined from top quality aluminum. Alongside the pro model is the Buzzkiller, offering the same overall adjustability in a lightweight molded synthetic form. Both models will be available this summer in Black, Carbon, Kryptek Typhon, Kryptek Highlander and Realtree Xtra finishes. The Buzzkiller will have an MSRP of $55.99 and the Buzzkiller Pro will be $89.99 MSRP. Both will be available in Spring 2017.

Trophy Taker introduces The Vise and Falcon Five quivers for shooters looking for a tough yet simple to operate solution for keeping arrows safely at hand when they’re in the field. Both are built on a lightweight aluminum frame and feature precision machined aluminum mounts with quick-detach levers for easy removal. Quiet-lined hoods and rubber thumb-operated grippers for secure and silent carry. The Vise has a unique offset design with extended grippers and is available in Black, Carbon, Kryptek Typhon, Kryptek Highland and Realtree Xtra finishes. Falcon Five finishes include Black, Carbon and Realtree Xtra. Both quivers will be available in Spring 2017 for $89.99 MSRP for the Vise and $49.99 MSRP for the Falcon Five.

When luck is defined as preparation meeting opportunity, improve your odds with the new Trophy Taker EZ Out Field Points. Easy on the target and easy on the hand, the new EZ Out Field Points feature an advanced O-ring design ensuring correct alignment of the point and arrow shaft while reducing the need to retighten. The point design minimizes damage to bag and foam targets and creates a hole slightly larger than shaft size so arrows remove easily. Trophy Taker EZ Out Field Points will be available this spring in a 12-pack for $9.99 MSRP or 100-pack for $64.99 MSRP. Sizes will include 9/32”, 5/16”, 17/64” and 19/64” in either 100 grains or 125 grains. An 85 grain version will be available in 9/32”, 5/16” and 17/64”.

See the full lineup of products from Trophy Taker in the Arcus Hunting booth #5331 at ATA, January 10-12.

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