SmackDown Pro Click

Micro-adjustable, Limb-Driven, Hero Makin'
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The Smackdown Pro Click is a limb-driven rest that offers positive launcher movement. The limb driven rests are easier to set-up and allow the rest to be in the up position before draw. This helps to capture the arrow and contain it while on the hunting stand.

The Smackdown Pro Click rest makes tuning a click. Achieve perfect arrow alignment with 2.5 millimeter adjustment increments in both horizontal and vertical planes. Loosen the Allen head screw for windage and elevation, turn the click-adjustable dials to dial in the rest for perfect tuning, and lock in your setup by tightening the screws.

This rest has a rubber over-molded steel containment ring with a quiet launcher because of the Trophy Taker signature launcher bumper system. The arrow rest is covered with fleece to make it completely silent. Includes an arrow guide and limb mounts.

Backed by Trophy Taker's Unconditional Lifetime Warranty.

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