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X-Treme Pro LockUp Arrow Rest

Easy To Tune, No Bow Press Necessary
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A high-tech bow can only perform as good as the accessories on it. Any friction or malfunction makes all your hard work null and void. Not with Trophy Taker. In 2020, cable-driven rest lovers can outfit their bow with the Xtreme Pro Lockup. Easy to set up, easy to tune, precision machined never to fail, full containment ring so your arrow is always at the ready and guaranteed for life.

Voted one of the Best Arrow Rest in 2020 by Hunting Retailer Magazine!

  • Cable activated
  • Full arrow lockup containment ring
  • Easy to tune, no bow press necessary
  • Rubberized steel containment ring with easy loading gate
  • Precision machined for hunters and competitive archers
  • Lifetime warranty
Easy To Tune, No Bow Press Necessary