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X-Treme Pro - Mathews Edition

Mounting Bar & Dampener for Mathews Bows, Cable-Driven
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NOT COMPATIBLE with Mathews Vertix Bows

The Trophy Taker X-Treme Pro Mathews Edition Arrow Rest is a cable-actuated drop-away rest built for extreme hunting situations. The built-in noise dampening system creates a church-mouse mentality and a smooth dual-bearing operation, making your draw and release a worry-free transition.

This rest has a rubber over-molded steel containment ring with a quiet launcher because of the Trophy Taker signature launcher bumper system. The arrow rest is covered with fleece to make it completely silent. Includes an arrow guide and limb mounts.

The Mathews Edition features a mounting bar specific to Mathews bows and a harmonic dampener for the screw holes.

  • Durable & Lightweight All-Metal Construction
  • Custom Arrow Containment Ring
  • Built-in Noise Dampening System integrated for Quiet Draw & Release
  • Includes Mathews Harmonic Dampers
  • Includes Limb Locater Rope Attachment System
  • Configurable to your liking on Either Limb or “up” Cable
  • Backed by Trophy Taker’s Unconditional Lifetime Warranty